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Protect your car with an Altec Carport

Brisbane residents know that harsh sun, extreme weather and pesky animals and trees can take their toll on cars parked in a yard or in the street.

Extreme Weather can damage your car

When storm season makes its way across the east coast of Australia, the damage bill can skyrocket for local residents. Keep your car protected by parking it under an Altec built carport and make sure your vehicle is safe this storm season.

Pesky Animals can ruin your paintwork

We all know how hard bat droppings are to get off your car. These along with bird droppings and  cat footprints can all cause potential paint damage to your car. Keep your paintwork safe and the value of your car secure by parking it under an Altec carport. Many styles available and a great range of different designs. 

Trees and plants can drop leaves, staining your cars

Living in Brisbane means an outdoor lifestyle. The great weather and beautiful beaches means you spend time outdoors, right? This also means your car is sometimes outdoors when parked at home. This can leave your car’s paint job open to damage from leaves, flowers and sap and can cause damage or expensive repair and patch jobs. Avoid this by talking to an Altec carport builder in Brisbane today. 

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Need a new carport? Live in Brisbane? We can help. Altec has been building carports since 1974 and we have a great range of colours, designs and types available.

No matter the type of home you have or the space you have to work with, Altec will design and build a carport that complements your home and is built to last.


At Altec we take pride in building carports for our Brisbane customers that are made from quality materials, look great and are affordable.  All of our carports come with a 15 year product guarantee and a 10 year workmanship guarantee so you know that it’s been built to last with the same quality products as our patios. 
Carport building materials
Our carports are built using the same high quality materials as our patios, pergolas and enclosures. All our carports can be colourbond matched so you know they’re going to fit in perfectly with your current home. Your carport will blend seamlessly with your current home design making an overall appearance that looks great from the street and will keep your car safe from outside elements. 
Meeting with you about your carport design
When we sit down and meet with you about the type of carport you would like to build we will thoroughly go over all the different options available in terms of colour, design and range. Once we’ve been through the gamut of options we will start looking at which design best suits your needs and your home. 
Carport quote BrisbaneCoast
Once we’ve been through the range of different options available to you we will compile a quote based on your choices. Once you accept our proposal we will move ahead to the next stage which is organising times and dates for your carport installation. 
Carport installation dates and times
Once you’ve chosen your carport type and are 100% happy with the plans we talk about times and dates to install your new carport in your Brisbane home. 
Carport Inspection
When we’ve mapped out all the dates and times for your carport installation we will organise for one of our supervisors to come out and inspect the area where your carport is to be installed. 
This will ensure that your carport installation can move ahead as scheduled.
Brisbane City Council approval
We will make sure that all your paperwork is up to speed for the carport regulations for the Brisbane City Council. You don’t need to worry about endless paper trails and filling out pages and pages of documentation as we will take care of all the council approvals and paperwork for you.
Carport building day!
When the design has been created and approved, the paperwork’s been done and our inspector gives us the OK, it’s time to build your brand new carport! Our experienced builders will turn up on time and build your new carport on the day that’s been organised (or days depending on your project).
Carport evaluation 
When your new carport has been installed we will get one of our construction certifiers to complete a building and workmanship evaluation to ensure that your carport meets our high standards.
Handover Kit and Guarantees
Once our evaluator ensures your new carport is up to scratch, we send you a hand-over kit and guarantees. 

How we build the patio you want and get it right every time.


Why you should choose Altec

After 35 years of building more than 45,000 carports, patio covers and enclosures, no other builder has such immense experience and a wealth of information to place at your disposal.
Our professionally trained Design Consultants will take the time to guide you through the important decisions necessary and show you all the carport options that are available.
Here’s an outline what we build into all Altec patios:-

15 year product guarantee

10 year workmanship guarantee 



Low Maintenance

Choose Any Materials You Like – We CAN And DO Build With Them All

No Interest Ever Finance Options

Council Approved - We Take Care of All Council Approvals


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